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Yunque Ziplining's reservation specialists are ready 7 days a week from 8:00am to 8:00pm to gladly assist you via email or over the phone. You can also book online 24/7.

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8:00am - 8:00pm EST

Physical Address:

Road #992

Barrio Canta Gallo

Luquillo, PR 00773


GPS Coordinates:

18° 21’24.68”N 65°44’55.19”W

General Inquiries
How to Reach Yunque Ziplining

We provide roundtrip transportation from the San Juan touristic area for $35 per person + tax.
Please indicate hotel (or nearest hotel name). Transportation is provided in the front lobby of the hotels in San Juan. Minimum 4 passengers. If less than 4 passengers call us to check availability for transportation.)

If you prefer to get to Yunque Ziplining on your own, you will need to either rent a vehicle or have a taxi or Uber take you there. The most convenient and cost-effective way to visit us is by renting a car. Having your own rental gives you the opportunity to enjoy other popular attractions and great eateries nearby.
Please review where our MEETING LOCATION (below) is located so you receive transportation all the way to our site. Please make sure to have our name and directions available to the driver. We can gladly assist you with directions. Ask us for reliable driver referrals.

YUNQUE ZIPLINING is located in the municipality of Luquillo, on the northeast shore of Puerto Rico. The directions we indicate are for a MEETING LOCATION and not our actual site. Once you meet the tour guide, you will follow him with your vehicle another 5 minutes to where the tour happens. If you are visiting us by taxi, Uber, or if someone is giving you a ride, it is important that you are not dropped off at the MEETING LOCATION. Your transportation must take you to our site where the tour takes place. Our tour guide cannot provide transportation from the MEETING LOCATION to our site.

Directions to Yunque Ziplining

We meet in front of a community basketball court with a blue roof in Road #992 in the municipality of Luquillo. Road #992 is off the main Road #3 which goes from San Juan to Fajardo. On the right side of these two roads you will see green signs with numbers marking the road’s location in kilometers (Km). These markers will be helpful assisting your navigation.


There are two options to access road #992:

1) A stop light intersection at Km 32.5 of the main Road #3.

2) Off ramps around Km 38 of the main Road# 3.

We highly recommend using the stop light intersection at Km 32.5 of Road# 3.

Coming from West (San Juan) stop light intersection turn right from main Road #3 to Road #992.
Coming from East (Fajardo) stop light intersection turn left from main Road #3 to Road #992.

The following directions apply only if you access Road #992 at the just mentioned STOP light intersection. Turn south onto Road #992: that is, turn right if coming from the West (ex. San Juan, Loiza, Rio Grande), or left if coming from the East (ex. Luquillo Town, Luquillo Kiosks, Fajardo, or Humacao). Soon after the turn off onto Road #992, there is a fork on the road: Stay to the left, since to the right is towards Hacienda Carabali. The road will then curve along for about 4-5 minutes until you reach the Canta Gallo community basketball court, which is located between the 2.7 km and 2.8 km markers of road #992. You will see the basketball court on the left side of the road, just past a school crossing sign. Just like every other community basketball court, it has an open air, high metal roof painted blue. Next to it is a small baseball field. There is a small Yunke Ziplining Meeting Point poster on the fence. This is where your lead guide will meet you either at 9:00 AM or 2:00 PM. You will see the basketball court on the left side of the road.

Important: Road #992 can also be accessed from Road #3 where it meets Road #193 in the urban center of Luquillo. These off ramps are located around Km 38 of Road #3. If you end up taking this access route you must follow the signs for road 992 heading south (towards the mountains). Also pay attention to the Km markers on the right side of the road. As you get onto road #992 from the off ramp (if coming from the East you must go left under Road #3) you will be around the 7 Km marker. At the fork of roads #991 and #992 stay to the right. Km markers will decrease in number; follow the road until you reach our meeting spot: the community basketball court on the right side of the road, between Km markers 2.8 and 2.7.


Directions From Your Location

From the town of Luquillo
(Sunrise, Sandy Hills, Playa Azul, or the Kioskos de Luquillo or “Food Shacks”) About 10 minutes.

Get onto Road #3 and head West (turn right) until you reach km marker 32.5 of Road #3. This is the stoplight intersection for Road #992. Turn left onto 992.

From nearby resorts and hotels of Rio Grande
(Gran Melia, Saint Regis, Bahia Beach) About 25 minutes.

Exit the hotels and head toward the main Road #3 and turn left: this leads you to the East. When you reach km 32.5 of Road 3 turn right onto Road #992.
From San Juan Metro Area
(Old San Juan, Condado, Isla Verde) Between 45 and 65 minutes, depending on traffic.

Start out going East on Road #26 towards Carolina; you will then merge to the left onto the toll Highway #66. Stay on Road #66 and follow the sign for Luquillo/Fajardo; the road will merge onto Road #3 (to the right). Stay on Road #3 until you reach km 32.5, just past the access signs to El Yunque National Forest. Turn right onto Road #992.

From Ceiba or Fajardo
(El Conquistador, Fajardo Inn, Fajardo Ferries) About 25 minutes.
Reach road #3 and turn right so you head west towards Luquillo. We suggest you take the second access onto our road #992: the STOP light intersection at Km 32.5 of road #3.

From Humacao
(Palmas del Mar Resort) About 50 minutes.

Take Road #53 North (turn to the right) towards FAJARDO/NAGUABO (Portions toll). Road #53 North becomes Road #3 West when you reach Fajardo. Stay on Road #3 until the second access to Road 992 at km 32.5 of Road #3. If you end up taking the first access to road #992 (that is, the off-ramp at Km 38.3 of road #3) please follow directions above, under Important.

From Dorado
Traffic can become heavy as you get closer to San Juan. It takes approximately 1.5s hour to reach us. Be aware of morning traffic Mondays through Fridays which can increase the driving time for an additional 30 minutes.

From Dorado head East to San Juan and follow the directions from San Juan directions.

From Ponce
Give yourself at least 1.5 hours.

Head East to Road #52 towards Santa Isabel/San Juan. Take Exit 15B, to Road #1 toward CAGUAS/HUMACAO. You will take Road #30 towards Humacao. Eventually, you will merge onto Road #30 East via EXIT 30A toward YABUCOA/MAUNABO/PALMAS DEL MAR. Then merge onto Road #53 North via EXIT 30B on the LEFT toward HUMACAO/FAJARDO/NAGUABO (Portions toll). Road #53 North becomes Road #3 West when you reach Fajardo. Drive west on Road #3 until the second access to PR-992; note that this is at Km 32.5 of Road #3.


If you are taking an Uber or taxi, please make sure they stay in the meeting point until our tour guide meets you there. The driver will then follow our guide in its own vehicle to the private property which is only 2 minutes away.







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Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Tel: 787-529-2496