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Nearby Attractions


The Yunque Ziplining tour is conveniently located nearby popular attractions in Luquillo, Rio Grande and Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Tourists will enjoy the most beautiful beaches on the north-east part of the Island as well as a variety of nearby eateries with great local puertorrican cuisine.

Nearby Attractions
El Yunque Rainforest

El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the US Forest System.

(Just 15 minutes away!)

Experience the wildlife paradise of El Yunque, covering 28,000 acres, and receiving more than 200 inches of rain per year. Hike through lush verdant trails leading to waterfalls and scenic over-looks where you’ll hike to an observation tower and observe the park’s diverse plant and animal life.

Bioluminescent Bay, Fajardo

Experience the rare phenomenon of bioluminescence on a Bio Bay kayaking tour.

(20 minutes away)

Fajardo’s bioluminescent bay is one of few located around Puerto Rico – and one of the last remaining on the planet! Experience this phenomenon of nature as you glide through the tranquil “Laguna Grande” surrounded by mangroves, teeming with sea life.

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Luquillo Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico with miles of soft sand, palm trees and crystal clear waters.

(Just 5 minutes away!)

The beach is a crescent shape with calm waters perfect for swimming. Sunbathe and swim on a perfect crescent of sand at Luquillo beach, a palm tree-lined beach with alluring views of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Rainforest mountain range in the distance.

Luquillo Kiosks

The Luquillo Kiosks are a must for any visitor to Puerto Rico and are just a short drive from Yunque Zplining’s estate.

(Just 10 minutes away!)

The Luquillo Kiosks in Puerto Rico are a great way to experience Puerto Rican cuisine all in one place. This long strip of 60 kiosks and souvenir shops is located right behind beautiful Luquillo Beach where you can enjoy the caribbean breeze off the Atlantic Ocean.

For guests not participating in the zipline tour have the option of going horseback riding or riding ATV’s in the Hacienda Carabalí which is just 5 minutes away from us. Also access to the Yunque Rainforest National Park is 15 minutes away and the beautiful Luquillo beach is 10 minutes away. Discover great local food options in the popular Kiosks of Luquillo which are just 15 minutes away. Another great option that you could enjoy after our tour is the famous Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo located 20 minutes away. Contact us for more information on nearby attractions.

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