C O V I D - 1 9  Safety

(Implemented in Yunque Ziplining, brought to you by EcoRainforest, Inc.)

In Yunque Ziplining, safety is our uppermost priority. This is why we are adding to our Standing Operating Procedure the COVID-19 Safety Protocols with the newly implemented protocols of social distancing, rigorous sanitizing procedures, and daily health controls for our employees and customers. Yunque Ziplining wants to provide the safest experience for our customers during and after the tour.


The COVID-19 Safety Protocols feature the following:

1. All guides will wear face masks.

2. All clients must wear face masks.

3. We will maintain 6' ft of social distancing at all times, except when issuing the gear, hooking, and unhooking clients from the ziplines.

4. A wash station will be available at the beginning and end of the tour.

5. We will issue disposable plastic gloves to be worn inside our safety gloves.

6. Hand sanitizer will be available at the end of the tour.

7. All safety equipment will be disinfected at the end of each tour and all equipment will be rotated between tours.

8. The temperature of our employees and customers will be monitored on a daily basis with a non-contact infrared digital thermometer.

Yunque Ziplining counts with the following COVID-19 related certifications:

Employers’ Auto-Certification - Control Plan for Exposition to COVID-19
issued by the Government of Puerto Rico - Dept of Labor and Human Resources, and Puerto Rico OSHA.

Auto Certificate - Health & Safety Self-Compliance Program
Issued by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.


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Luquillo, Puerto Rico


Tel: 787-529-2496